Storytelling is in Our Blood

by Courtney Stucker

photo from

That’s it.

We are done.

Our documentary has been finalized and turned in.

*cue deep breath to relax*

We have seen out this entire film adventure from January to April, putting in late nights editing and spending our weekends interviewing. Our team can finally take a second and appreciate the end product of our hard work. Maria’s story deserved all of the energy and I can truly say that we gave it our all no matter the challenge.

Between each of our members, there has been one thing that’s for sure: storytelling runs through our veins. Whether it’s design, writing, or video, we have spent countless hours crafting an inspiring and educational story from introduction to the climax to the conclusion.

Please enjoy this collection of photos from the past semester. They include some favorites we found of Maria as well as fun photos from our own group’s film journey.

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