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You may be wondering what it's like to create a high-quality, 15 minute documentary within three months. Oh, and let’s not forget about that thing called COVID-19.

Here's your answer: overwhelming. However, it will probably be one of the most fun, chaotic and meaningful experiences of our lives.

Our six-person team at Simplex Stories may be a ragtag mix, but we are confident that we have whatever it takes to tell the real and raw story. After all, Maria Pearson, our first film subject, deserves that much. The challenges we will face along the way won’t be easy, but none of us are the type of people to take the road most traveled.

We hope that you will join us throughout our final semester as we uncover the events leading up to Native American Graves and Repatriation Act and how it all connects back to the domino effect set off by Maria.

Our goal for this blog is to provide you with special looks behind the making of our film, whether it’s details about our interviews, looks into our cinematography creation process, or even strategies so you can take a stand like Maria did.

Ultimately, as a team of wacky, vibrant storytellers, we hope that we do Maria’s story justice.

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Courtney Stucker is the Digital Producer for Simplex Stories. Originally from Danville, IA, she has around three years of experience in content management, social analytics, and web development. Feel free to reach her at

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