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Photo  of Simplex Stories writer/producer, Silvia Oakland
Photo of Simplex Stories writer/producer, Silvia Oakland

As a storyteller, I feel as though I’m better at writing stories about others rather than myself. However, I know I’ll need to introduce myself at some point and there’s no better time than the present!

I’m a self-proclaimed humorist, a journalist and I can type 95 words per minute. All of these qualities have allowed me to tell stories of others. I love talking, but even more so I love listening. I love being able to make connections with others, it’s the extrovert in me.

My friends and family are a huge influence in my life and my work. Since I’m an only child, my family and I like to joke I was able to get the best of both of my parents: a witty sense of humor and a hunger to learn.

photo of Silvia and her parents
photo of Silvia and her parents

I have learned so much throughout the short time we’ve been working, but by far my favorite part has been learning about Maria Pearson herself.

The story of Maria Pearson, as you will all soon learn, is about a strong woman who wouldn’t back down despite everything thrown her way.

She inspired others in Iowa and even in the United States through her journey and I think that’s what I admire most about her. Learning the stories of women before me who have fought for justice, inclusion and equity for underrepresented communities brings hope that my fight won’t go unnoticed and will be a contribution to what others have done.

Silvia Oakland is the Producer/Writer for Simplex Stories. Originally from Hawkeye, IA, she has around five years of experience as a multimedia journalist. Feel free to reach her at

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