Meet Nathan Stephany

There isn’t a clear road back to the start of when I became interested in storytelling. All of a sudden, I woke up and it was a part of my life. That was years ago, and it’s an interest that has been building up within me ever since.

I’ve wanted to be a writer from the age that I actually understood what a writer was. Of course that changed over the years. I realized that for every movie, documentary, television show, or anything else I was watching had to have someone behind the scenes, writing and creating it. From there, it seemed like the path forward for me was to be on was set.

My time at Wartburg has been spent fulfilling that path in several facets. I became a journalist, learning how to tell the stories of others with accuracy and honesty, whether it be on camera through television news, the page with the campus newspaper, or the airwaves of the radio. I’ve won awards for my work as a storyteller, also serving on staff for 89.9 KWAR, as an intern for KWWL, and as the News Director for the TV news station, Knight Vision News.

From there, however, things took a turn. I made the decision to begin working to tell my own stories, writing and directing film pieces that I created. I began running the organization Knight Vision Films. Within this organization, I have written multiple scripts and directed two short films to get my voice on camera and I am hoping to do many more.

Of course my stories that I lean toward and ultimately tell are affected by my life.

Photo of Nathan in Japan in front of Osaka Castle

I was first introduced to stories, the worlds of fiction through books and movies, by my family, who still shape and support my interests. I’ve long been exposed to and a part of the worlds of music and theatre, and my roots can be found there, through years of piano and band, as well as acting and appearing on stage throughout high school and college.

My two different worlds, fiction and journalism, have better prepared me to tell stories going forward. Serving as the Editor of Simplex Stories, my hands are the final ones to touch the final film cut, shaping and finessing our words and images for maximum impact.

In my experience, there is power in honesty and honesty in power and that relationship is something that we hope those who view our work can see.

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