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As our group brand name, “Simplex Stories,” suggests we are storytellers. We could have gone with Simplex studios or Simplex productions, but we chose Stories to describe our group. And while some of us are strong writers and creative geniuses, I come into the picture to focus on how the story is told.

As one of the cinematographers/editors, I focus with what’s happening on-screen; how it looks, how it sounds and how we can enhance the story through audiovisual. While the story is the most important part, these aesthetic aspects keep the audience engaged and satisfied.

This semester I have learned so much and have been thoroughly challenged with how the group and I have to approach how we gather interview footage and b-roll.

Dominic posing with grandparents after Carnegie Hall performance
Dominic posing with grandparents after Carnegie Hall performance

With COVID and the regulations that go with it, we have changed our view on what the product will look like.

Zoom interviews with webcams and computer microphones are a very real part of our process in the project.

I am one who focuses on the small details of a project and I have to look at our situation and make it the best it can be.

I am a behind-the-scenes person and writing about myself is not my forte, but I know I have incredibly enjoyed the time I’ve worked on this documentary with my fantastic group members so far.

I look forward to continuing to learn about Maria Pearson and sharing her inspiring work with you all!

Dominic Hanson is the Cinematographer for Simplex Stories. Originally from La Farge, WI, he has four years of experience in videography, audio production, and visual design. Feel free to reach him at

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