Meet Anshika Singh

“When you are reading a book, you are creating a movie in your mind.”

This statement from my middle school English teacher made me fall in love with reading books and telling stories. I spent most of my childhood reading and later attempting to translate my own interpretation of the writer’s imaginary world on paper.

Anshika celebrating Holi Braai with Iclub
Anshika celebrating Holi Braai with Iclub

I enjoy doodling, drawing, and painting my interpretations of literature. I have never really good with words and I believe this is because I am multilingual. I grew up learning three languages English, Hindi, and Nepali so I often have trouble expressing my emotions with words. Each language has its own depth of expressing emotions and I struggle in choosing the perfect depth.

However, art on its own has its own language and its main purpose is to help artists express their emotions.

Anshika with friends in Colorado in 2019.
Anshika with friends in Colorado in 2019.

My love for drawing and painting pulled me into Journalism and Communications. This major taught me to harness my hobbies into professional skills: graphic designer, videographer and photographer. Most of my artworks are a fusion of these three skills. This fusion allows me to express my own identity of being brought up in different places, cultures, and surroundings.

Throughout college, I have worked on different projects and have gotten opportunities to play different roles from videographer to designer. In this documentary filmmaking project, I have been provided an opportunity to assist in storytelling through design. I am the graphic designer of the team and will be working my best to provide visual information that is aesthetically pleasing and is informative.

Stay on the lookout for more of my designs and our updates in the next couple of weeks!

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