Lions & Tigers & Rough Cuts, Oh My!

by Courtney Stucker & Silvia Oakland

Simplex stories attempting to post in windy Iowa.
Simplex stories attempting to pose in windy Iowa.

Last week was one of those weeks.

Our team had some late nights in the edit bays, dry eyes from staring at screens all hours of the day, and last-minute scrambling before presenting the rough cut of our documentary to adjudicators. Rough cuts are like the first draft of a paper, except a lot more complicated due to the moving pictures, audio, and story elements that need to be reviewed. For 30 minutes, our documentary was shown to our professors in full so that they could make notes and begin revising elements of it.

Overall, we are very thankful for this whole learning process and happy with where we are at this semester. Now, it is time to implement the feedback we have been given and continue steering this ship in the right direction.

We have learned an incredible amount of information ranging from knowledge of the Yankton-Sioux traditions to how to properly film using Zoom. Our abilities have been tested, but growth is never something that is painless. The ideas we had at the beginning of this semester have morphed and formed into something new, something that we really have grown to love as well.

Now, it is just a matter of putting all of these puzzle pieces together to make a story that matters to you, our audience. While we have let the events in Maria’s life influence the storyline, it is our job to tell her story that is full of raw emotion, that makes you feel what Maria felt.

Like us, we hope this film inspires you to be agents of change in your own communities.

Mark your calendars for our premiere at 2:00 p.m. on April 19 on Knight Vision!

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