Don't Blink: Week in Review

by Anshika Singh

Dominic, Lauren, Nathan, and Anshika making creative decisions.
Dominic, Lauren, Nathan, and Anshika making creative decisions.

At the beginning of this semester, our team prepared ourselves for rollercoaster of the next three months where we get to create a documentary film on a phenomenal personality such as Maria Pearson.

Now almost one month down, it felt like we closed our eyes for a minute, and reopened them, and somehow a month passed by.

The process of making this film has been an exciting and thrilling experience for our team. At the end of the day, we may feel tired but when we wake up the next day, each one of us is ready to give this project our all. We all have been waiting to show our skills on a big-scale project for the past three years of our college. Now that we have the opportunity, we are enjoying every bit of it.

Are you wondering what happened in the past month? This is what's new:

+ Our team has created its logo and it has been posted on our social media sites. Yes, our Facebook and Instagram are running and we are thankful for all the love and support, given to us.

+ We have interviewed three important people Phillip Round, David Gradwohl, and Alex Fejfar who are all an important piece in Maria’s story.

+ Some amazing ideas have been jotted down for the movie poster.

+ An infographic is also on its way to help the audience understand the timeline of events leading up to the creation of NAGPRA.

+ This weekend we are headed to Ames, Iowa to get some more interviews and B-roll footage for our film.

Our team has already created so many things and there are still many more things to finish for the film to comes together. I feel like this one month passed in a blink and in no time we will reach our premiere date that is April 14. So keep following our social media pages and read our blogs to keep yourself updated, as this is going to be a very fast ride.

Anshika Singh is the Graphic Designer for Simplex Stories. Originally from Kathmandu, Nepal, she has four years of experience in visual arts, writing, and speech. Feel free to reach out to her at

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