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by Nathan Stephany

At the center of My People's Bones, there is one inciting incident that rocks our protagonist's world. The Glenwood Incident changes Maria Pearson's life forever, sending her on a path to activism. As such, it forms the spine of our trailer, just a few words and vague teases into a horrifying incident that happened within our state borders less than a century ago.

Set to the soothing sounds of guitar and over the ethereal images of the Badlands and plains Maria Pearson called home for a part of her life, we invite you to begin the journey with us into My People's Bones.

We wanted to make a trailer that highlighted one of the biggest conflicts in Maria's life, but one that was still respectful to her people's culture and ancestor's. We tied in themes of nature and the earth as well, as that is something that is incredibly important to Maria's story.

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