A Sincere Thank You

by the Simplex Stories team

In the final days before our premiere, the our team has thought about all of those we have met and learned from over the past few months. We have been so thankful to have an amazing support network of peers, professors and professional mentors throughout this entire filming project. Additionally, the people that we interviewed about Maria Pearson's story have been incredible and willing to help make this film possible. For many of these interviewees, we started out as strangers, but grew closer through a shared interest in the legacy Maria left behind.

Not only have we learned so much from you all along this journey but we are so excited to share the final film with you in one week!

It truly takes an army of people to get a project like this accomplished. Without each of these individuals, we would not have been able to make this possible. From our professors, to Maria's family and friends, to Indigenous activists to "super fans," we have been truly inspired by everyone's help and support.

Here is the complete list of all those who have helped in some form:

Alex Fejfar & the Ames History Museum

David & Hanna Gradwohl

Dr. Penni Pier

Lucas Wendland

Professor Ronald Johnson

Professor Pamela Ohrt

Dalissa Larson

Rachel Green

Ames Tribune

Irma Wilson White

Duane Anderson

Anna Pope Morgan

Jennifer Thompson

Yankton Sioux Reservation

Meskwaki Reservation

Keely Driscoll

Rosalie Fish

Jim Stone

The Stephany’s

KHOI 89.1 FM

Waterloo Courier

Wartburg Marketing Department

Wartburg Print Center

Iowa State Archaeology Department

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